BKNR platforms

BKNR was originally developed using the CMU Common Lisp compiler on the FreeBSD operting system. Currently, we primarily work with the Clozure Common Lisp and Steel Bank Common Lisp Compilers. As CMUCL does not yet support Unicode, it is currently unsupported. We plan to revive CMUCL support after its 19E release, which is supposed to have some support for international character sets. The BKNR datastore components have been tested on the llegro Common Lisp compiler.

We are running a buildbot for continuous build and integration testing. Currently, we build and test on the following platforms:

  • FreeBSD/amd64, Clozure CL
  • FreeBSD/amd64, SBCL
  • FreeBSD/i386, SBCL
  • Linux/i386, SBCL
  • MacOS X 10.4/ppc, Clozure CL